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PicoCon RPi Motor Controller Board Kit

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A "No-Frills" Motor Controller Kit for Raspberry Pi. Really simple to solder with only 7 components to be soldered. PicoCon is a basic motor controller for your Raspberry Pi based mobile robot


This board uses the L293D dual H-Bridge chip controlled directly from the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi

  1. Dual H-Bridge driver to drive 2 DC motors (or 2 sets of 2 if using paired motors on each side of the robot)
  2. A 6-pin I2C breakout header is included with 5V, 3.3V and Gnd connections
  3. 2-pin screw terminals used for motor connection and motor power connection
  4. Directly supported in ScratchGPIO4 onwards using the same addon board definition as PiRoCon "piroconB" - many thanks to Simon Walters for some excellent work
  5. The standard python libraries will all work as they all use the same pins  to control the motors

Motor A: Physical GPIO connector pins 19 and 21 (MOSI and MISO)

Motor B: Physical GPIO connector pins 24 and 26 (CE0 and CE1)


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