SC09 Serial Bus Servo (2.3kg)

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Featuring a powerful 2.3kg torque, this servo brings reliable force to your robotics projects, ensuring smooth and controlled movement. What sets this servo apart is its two-way feedback capability. This feature enables real-time interaction between the servo and the controller, allowing for unprecedented accuracy and control. You can now receive data about the servo's position, temperature, load, voltage, and more, enhancing your ability to fine-tune your robotic system. With a convenient Servo/Motor mode switch, the servo becomes adaptable to various scenarios. This versatility allows you to seamlessly switch between controlling the servo's precise angles or using it as a continuous motor for rotational motion.

The compact size of the Servo ensures it fits seamlessly into tight spaces without compromising performance, and with an impressive 300° rotation angle, this servo offers a wide range of motion possibilities, from precise positioning to sweeping motions. This servo also enables you to control up to 253 servos simultaneously. This unprecedented level of control paves the way for complex multi-actuator systems with synchronised motion, perfect for scenarios requiring intricate coordination, and with a voltage input range of 4.8V to 8.4V, the Servo adapts to various power sources, offering flexibility in your power supply choices.

This Serial Bus Servo is a testament to precision engineering and intelligent design. Its powerful torque, two-way feedback, mode-switching capability, compact size, wide rotation angle, multi-servo control, and adaptable voltage range make it a versatile servo to use in many different projects!


  • Can be used in series to control up to 253 servos simultaneously (assuming adequate power supply) and obtain feedback from each servo
  • Wide voltage input 4.8-8.4V
  • Locked-rotor torque up to
  • High precision, angle control accuracy up to 300°/1024
  • Programmable operating mode: servo mode angle control/motor mode with continuous rotation


Product Type SC09 Serial Bus Servo
Rotation Angle 300° (0~1024)
No-Load Current 150mA@6V
No-Load Speed 0.1sec/60° (100RPM)@6V
Position Sensor Resolution 0.293° (300°/1024)
Gear High Precision Metal Gear
Bearing Type Sliding Bearing
Encoder Type Carbon Film Potentiometer
Protocol Type Half Duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
ID Range 0 ~ 253
Storage Temperature -30℃~80℃
Dimensions 23.2×12.0×25.5mm
Feedback Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage
Rated Torque
Locked-Rotor Current 1.0A
Operating Voltage 4.8~8.4V
Mechanism Limited Angle No Limit
Motor Type Iron Core Motor
Output Shaft 20T/OD3.95mm
Control Signal Digital Signal
Baud Rate 38400bps~1Mbps
Center Position 150° (511)
Operating Temperature -15℃~70℃
Servo Cable Length 15cm


Package Contents

  • 1x 2.3kg Serial Bus Servo
  • 1x Accessories Kit
  • 1x Extender Board

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