A number of our products contain lithium batteries and generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Single batteries (even coin cell batteries!)
  • Products with batteries pre-installed
  • Products shipped with batteries but not installed

In recent years much stricter requirements around shipping lithium have been introduced by Royal Mail and our courier services, which means we have to take extra care to ensure these products are shipped safely.

What does this mean for my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship any lithium products outside of the UK.

For UK lithium shipments we sometimes need to add labelling or take additional packaging measures. In some scenarios we can't use Royal Mail services and instead have to ship via DHL courier and vice versa - it all depends on what's in your cart.

For example, we can't ship raw batteries via Royal Mail, and we can't use DHL to ship Lithium products to Scotland (as they don't have a road network outside of England/Wales).

How do I know if a product contains lithium?

We've taken steps to highlight this on any product containing lithium. You'll see information on the product page (usually at the top of the description) and also in your cart in red.

Lithium Shipping Costs

On some occasions having a lithium product in your cart will increase your shipping cost.

To see how much your shipping will be, go to the cart and use the 'Estimate Shipping' option.