NEMA-17 Stepper Motor Mount with Fixings

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This NEMA-17 stepper motor mount comes with all the fixings you're likely to need to mount it to your project - be that a CNC machine, 3D printer or another project.

The metal mount will fit any NEMA-17 format motor and includes M3 fixings (screws, nuts, washers and spring washers) for mounting your motor to the mount, and M4 ficings (screws in two sizes, nuts, washers and spring washers) to fix the mount to your project.

The mount is made of steel with solid welded 90-degree supports, painted black. This thing is tough!

Package Contents

Please note that fixings may be black or silver depending on our supplier batches.

  • 1x Mount (NEMA-17 size)
  • M4 fixings
    • 4 x 34mm long M4 Pan head screws
    • 4 x 9mm long M4 Pan head screws
    • 4x M4 washers
    • 4x M4 spring lock washers
    • 4x M4 Nuts
  • M3 Fixings
    • 4 x 8mm long M3 Pan head screws
    • 4x M3 washers
    • 4x M3 spring lock washers
    • 4x M3 Nuts

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