NEMA 17 Stepper Motor - 42mm x 40mm

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NEMA 17 motors are in many robotics applications from CNC machines to medical instruments, however in the maker world, we commonly see them being used in 3D printers.

We stock a range of NEMA 17 motors to ensure you have a suitable selection to choose from for your specific application, whether the focus is on weight, size or technical characteristics.

This particular motor is a NEMA 17 42mm motor with a 40mm tall body (42/40), D-shape shaft and cable connector. Full specifications and dimensions can be found below, along with a datasheet.

A short cable is included but please check the order of the wires as they may not match your intended application (for example, some 3D printer mainboards may require a different wire order).

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Rated Voltage 2.8V
Current/Phase 1.68A
Resistance/Phase 1.5Ω
Induction/Phase 2.8mH
Holding Torque 4.0KG-cm
Number of leads 4
Moment of Inertia 68g-cm2
Weight 0.28kg
Orientation Torque 200g-cm
Length 40mm
Step Angle  1.8°
Step Angle Accuracy ±5% (full step, no load)
Resistance  Accuracy ±10%
Inductance Accuracy ±20%
Temperature Rise 80°C Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
Ambient  Temperature -20°C-+50°C
Insulation  Resistance 100MΩ Min. , 500VDC
Dielectric  Strength 500VAC/ for 1 minute
Shaft Radial Play 0.02 Max. (450g load)
Shaft Axial Play 0.08 Max. (450g load)
Max. Radial force 28N
Max. Axial force 10N



Package Contents

  • 1x 42/40 NEMA 17 motor
  • 1x Motor cable

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