RPi Roundup – 12th June 2014

Michael HorneJun 13, 2014
The Big News Eben Upton, Liz Upton and Craig Richardson visited Buckingham Palace this past week as part of the UK Tech Reception. During their visit they met the Queen...
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RPi Roundup – 9th June 2014

Michael HorneJun 10, 2014
Snake eyes! Dave Naffis over at Intridea has blogged about their new contraption: an automated dice roller that reads in tweets, looks for a hashtag and then rolls two dice...
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RPi Roundup – 6th June 2014

Michael HorneJun 9, 2014
Three Pi-powered projects for you in today's round-up! Doze those Coins! SoggyBunz has created an arcade-style coin dozer game inside the shell of an old Macintosh Plus. A servo is used to...
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RPi Roundup – 4th June 2014

Michael HorneJun 4, 2014
Some news from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a nice programming tutorial and a way to control an RC car with your Pi acting as a transmitter... all in this Roundup!...
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RPi Roundup – 2nd June 2014

Michael HorneJun 2, 2014
Good afternoon! We hope that you had lots of opportunities to do some electronic wizardry at the weekend! Here's the latest roundup of news and projects from the Raspberry Pi...
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RPi Roundup – 31st May 2014

Michael HorneMay 31, 2014
Music-making sculptures Scott Garner has created two sculptures that react to their environment and then produce sounds based on the input. You can read more about these marvellous creations on...
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RPi Roundup – 23rd May 2014

Michael HorneMay 23, 2014
The Big News A team from the Raspberry Pi Foundation were over in San Francisco this week promoting all things Pi at Maker Faire. Clive Beale was interviewed by MAKE...
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RPi Roundup – 21st May 2014

Michael HorneMay 21, 2014
A Work of Art During the Pictoplasma 2014 Festival in Berlin, Pierre Raufast exhibited a piece of artwork. A pair of animatronic eyes identify people walking past and follow them or...
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RPi Roundup – 19th May 2014

Michael HorneMay 19, 2014
Phew! What a scorcher! Hopefully the weekend weather didn't cut into your Pi-tinkering time! Project corner Reagan Ward had a problem. People in his office just didn't know if his...
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RPi Roundup – 16th May 2014

Michael HorneMay 16, 2014
The Pi Hut attended Saturday's Cambridge Raspberry Jam. Here's a write-up of the Jam, featured on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's blog, to give you a feel for the event! The...
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RPi Roundup – 14th May 2014

Michael HorneMay 14, 2014
Big Case Review Over on my personal blog, I did my own review of cases available for the Raspberry Pi, some of which are available from The Pi Hut, following...
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RPi Roundup – 12th May 2014

Michael HorneMay 12, 2014
The Big News Following April's successful first Picademy, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have announced two further pairs of dates. They are: Following the success of the Picademy a couple of...
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