RPi Roundup – 21st May 2014

A Work of Art

smallgeneral-300x275 During the Pictoplasma 2014 Festival in Berlin, Pierre Raufast exhibited a piece of artwork. A pair of animatronic eyes identify people walking past and follow them or search around if there isn’t anyone there. See a video of it in action and read more here.

Call for Help

raspberry0pi-in-space James Robinson is looking to start a high-altitude ballooning project at Soham Village College in Cambridgeshire. He's currently asking for technical help to get up-and-running. If you feel you can help in any way with the project, please get in contact with him at james.robinson@computingatschool.org.uk

The Raspberry Pi in the Classroom

raspberry-pi-model-b Sway Grantham has recently finished Picademy and is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. She's written a great post over on her blog about her first-hand experiences with putting the Pi in the classroom. Read it here.

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