RPi Roundup – 14th May 2014

Big Case Review

raspberry-pi-top-cases Over on my personal blog, I did my own review of cases available for the Raspberry Pi, some of which are available from The Pi Hut, following a similar article over on LifeHacker. Read my review on the blog.

Game Programming

raspberry-pi-game-programming Boris Adryan has worked out a way to program Minecraft via the visual programming environment NodeRED. It's essentially a Python interpreter that waits for messages from NodeRED and then transfers them to Minecraft Pi Edition via the API. Read how he does it here.

Tutorial Corner

raspberry-Pi-access-point Here's a tutorial written by Liam Fraser of Linux User and Developer magazine. It teaches you how to set-up a Pi with a wifi dongle (that has access point abilities) so that it acts as a wireless access point. Very useful for when you're programming a robot, for example, or for more pedestrian uses such as a public access point for your home network. Read more here

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