RPi Roundup – 2nd June 2014

Good afternoon! We hope that you had lots of opportunities to do some electronic wizardry at the weekend! Here's the latest roundup of news and projects from the Raspberry Pi world.

Super Supercomputer

Raspberry-Pi-Super-Computer David Guill has created a “supercomputer” using 40 Raspberry Pis. Part of his brief (to himself) was to create something that was visually pleasing. From the picture above, you can see that he succeeded - it's like Blake's 7 gone large! Read more about it over on his blog.

Home automation

Raspberry-Pi-Home-Automation A bunch of house-mates wanted to create some home automation. The trouble is they had lots of different bits and pieces to bring together. They used an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to do it and you can read more here.

Webcam Wonder

Raspberry-Pi-Webcam If you've ever wanted to stream a USB webcam from your home, then have a read of this great tutorial from Jacob Salmela.

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