RPi Roundup – 14th June 2014

The Big News

clive-beale Clive Beale, head of the Education team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has given an interview to Linux User Magazine in which he criticises the government for their stance on the issue of Computing in education. It's well worth a read and really highlights why the Foundation's mission is so important, especially for schools and teachers. Read it here

Reading Sensors

Simon Monk recently spoke at a Maker Faire about using sensors with the Raspberry Pi. The 20+ minute video can be seen below [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbe6iEIrHXc?w=640]

Watch out ticket touts!

raspberry-pi-ticket “willseph” was fed up with the amount of space, and the relative cost, of using netbooks to check tickets at his company’s events. So, he decided to create the PiGates – a Raspberry Pi using a barcode scanner that will indicate, via a PiGlow, whether the ticket is valid. Adafruit has the full story. It’s a great real-world example of what the Pi can be used for.

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