RPi Roundup – 12th June 2014

The Big News

Eben Upton, Liz Upton and Craig Richardson visited Buckingham Palace this past week as part of the UK Tech Reception. During their visit they met the Queen and spread the word about the Pi. The Foundation also announced that they (or, at least, their distributors RS and Farnell) have now sold over 3 million units. Quite a result considering the original expectation was to sell 10,000! You can read more about the trip and the announcement on their blog.

Magazine news

The MagPi, which is a free magazine for Raspberry Pi owners, has just launched issue number 24. There's a feature about Picademy along with a whole load of other great content. Check it out here.

Beer... Mmmm... Arggggggg...

Sebastian Düll has created a Raspberry Pi-powered beer brewing controller. It’s pretty advanced, but his instructions, including designs for the custom PCB, are available on his blog.

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