RPi Roundup – 16th May 2014

The Pi Hut attended Saturday's Cambridge Raspberry Jam. Here's a write-up of the Jam, featured on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's blog, to give you a feel for the event!

The View from Orbit

iss-stream-01 Miguel Grinberg has developed a way to play the live stream being broadcast from the International Space Station on the Raspberry Pi. You'll need to install some software and but it's well worth doing if you’d like to see what Earth looks like from space! Read how to do it here.

Education CPD in North Wales

20140419-214617 Following the recent Picademy, Allen Heard is now a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. He is now organising events in North Wales to spread the word about the Raspberry Pi and give teachers some continuing professional development. You can read about these events, and how to book your place, on Allen's blog.

The Little Man Computer

lmc Gordon Henderson, who has re-developed the BASIC language so that it runs on the Pi (known as Return to BASIC), has used that language to develop an instructional model of a computer known as the LMC. You can read more about this highly technical project on his blog.

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