RPi Roundup – 4th June 2014

Some news from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a nice programming tutorial and a way to control an RC car with your Pi acting as a transmitter... all in this Roundup!

Programming Central

raspberry-pi-game-of-life-random Trevor Appleton has created an implementation of the famous Conway’s Game of Life on the Pi. It uses Pygame and it's a great exercise in doing something that looks complicated in not too many lines of code. Very cool. Read it here

The Big News

raspberry-pi-new-staff The Raspberry Pi Foundation has just announced the recruitment of a new member of it’s education team. Craig Richardson (aka @CraigArgh on Twitter) is an expert in Minecraft on the Pi and is an ex-teacher. Craig has led many Minecraft workshops at Raspberry Jams and given several presentations on how best to use Minecraft in the classroom.

Project Corner

raspberry-pi-fm Brandon has taken a tutorial on using his Raspberry Pi as an FM Transmitter and expanded it to allow him to control a remote-controlled car. He's tied it together with a motion-detecting webcam and written the whole thing up on his blog.

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