RPi Roundup – 19th May 2014

Phew! What a scorcher! Hopefully the weekend weather didn't cut into your Pi-tinkering time!

Project corner

raspberry-pi-office-project Reagan Ward had a problem. People in his office just didn't know if his team were at their desks or not and he wanted to save them the 8 seconds it would take to walk and find out. So, he wired up a Pi with some perfboard and some RGB LEDs, did some programming in C++ and Python and fixed it all to a window. Read more here.

Project corner

wolfson-front Sumit Rai has been posting details of a DIY karaoke machine that uses a Pi at it's heart. He’s integrated a Wolfson Pi audio board with it and posted some video of it in action. Here’s part 1 of the tutorial and part 2 which follows on (obviously, in the way that part 2s do tend to).

Scratch Tutorial

raspberry-pi-scratch-tutorial Want to get started doing physical computing and can't face using Python? Well, over at ScratchMyPi.co.uk, they’ve started a series on using Simon Walters’ ScratchGPIO to control various things with the GPIO pins. They’ve started simple – lighting up a few LEDs. ScratchGPIO is incredibly powerful and it's well worth giving it a go to explore some of the Pi's unique capabilities. Read how here

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