RPi Roundup – 6th June 2014

Three Pi-powered projects for you in today's round-up!

Doze those Coins!

pionmac SoggyBunz has created an arcade-style coin dozer game inside the shell of an old Macintosh Plus. A servo is used to activate an acrylic plate that pushes coins over the edge. Read more here.

Gameboy are back in fashion

Raspberry-Pi-Gameboy Travis Brown has used an old Gameboy to house a Raspberry Pi running a retro games emulator. He has taken as much off the Pi as possible and then added a composite screen, a battery and several smaller components to create this beautiful device. You can read all about how he built it on his blog.

Music of the Hexagons

Joytone-with-lights University of Pennsylvania BSE student David Sharples decided to build a musical instrument for his senior design project. The result of his labours is the Joytone. It is comprised of lots of joysticks set in a hexagonal formation that trigger the playing of different sounds at different pitches. Read the full account of the build over on David’s blog or view the video below. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryzZtmqFAZM&w=480]

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