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Keyes Rotary Encoder Module

Keyes Rotary Encoder Module
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A rotary encoder is a device that senses the rotation and direction of an attached knob. It works by having 2 internal contacts that make and break a circuit as the knob is turned. As you turn the knob you can feel it "click" indicating that one position has been rotated. If the internal contacts were originally HIGH (or making the circuit) after a single click, they would now both be LOW (breaking the circuit). With a simple bit of logic, you can work out the direction of the rotation!

This Keyes Rotary Encoder breakout board is neatly pre-soldered and comes with attached and labelled header pins for easy interfacing. The board also features built in 10k resistors, which means it can be wired directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins without fear of causing damage. We recommend you use the 3V3 pins for best results!

If you're after a nice shiny knob that fits this encoders shaft we have a lovely black aluminium knob available here!

The Keyes Rotary Encoder Module Features:

  • Rotary Encoder PCB Board
  • Header Breakout CLK/DT/SW/+/GND
  • Built in 10k Resistors
  • 1/4" ~ 6mm Shaft
  • 3V - 5V Input
  • Left & Right Turn Detection
  • Push Button
  • M2 Mounting Holes (14mm Center to Center)
  • 26mm x 19mm x 32mm


How to use a Rotary Encoder with the Raspberry Pi

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