Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply

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The Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply is a high-quality PD (Power Delivery) power supply for a range of PD-enabled USB-C devices, including (and recommended for) the Raspberry Pi 5!

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This high-efficiency (>91%) 27W power supply offers standard PD modes including 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A and 15V/1.8A, alongside a custom mode for the Raspberry Pi 5, offering 5V/5A.

The range of PD voltage options makes it a great PSU for the home - use it with all of your compatible PD devices including phones, laptops and more! As with all PD devices, your device will communicate with the power supply and select the required voltage.

When used with the Raspberry Pi 5, this power supply will provide 5V/5A and enable you to use the board to its full potential and performance, ensuring a full possible current supply to USB devices.

The 27W PSU uses high-quality capacitors to ensure a stable and reliable source of power (Rubycon high-voltage, Panasonic low-voltage).


  • Official Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply
  • Choice of UK, Europe or USA plug options
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Compatible with PD (Power Delivery) devices
    • Standard PD modes: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A and 15V/1.8A
    • Custom mode for Raspberry Pi 5: 5V/5A
  • Available in white or black

Package Contents

  • 1x Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C Power Supply (select plug type and colour before adding to cart)

Raspberry Pi not included


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    • Black USA: 5056561803395
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