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PiBorg - XLoBorg - Raspberry Pi Motion & Direction Sensor

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PiBorg - XLoBorg - Raspberry Pi Motion & Direction Sensor - RASPBERRY PI ACCESSORIES - The Pi Hut
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The XLoBorg features a 3-Axis Accelerometer and 3-Axis Magnetometer, and allows your Raspberry Pi to measure movement, such as bumps and shocks, and determine direction! It's pefect for Raspberry Pi Robotics projects such as UAV's, cars, navigation and just about anything that's moving. The on-board Magnetometer can even provide compass functionality!
The XLoBorg plugs directly into the Raspberry Pi GPIO Ports and only uses the I2C pins of the Pi (and power), so you have lots of free pins to connect to PicoBorgLedBorg, or both! Simply plug it on to the GPIO header of your Raspberry Pi, run the software, and start sensing movement and direction!

The XLoBorg Features:

  • Detect Movement & Direction With Your Raspberry Pi
  • Freescale MMA8451Q 3-Axis, 14-bit/8-bit Digital Accelerometer
  • Freescale MAG3110 3-Axis Magnetometer
  • Plugs Directly into the Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins
  • Utilises I2C Pins Leaving Other Pins Free

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