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Pi Supply Switch – On/Off Power Switch for the Raspberry Pi

Pi Supply Switch – On/Off Power Switch for the Raspberry Pi
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The Pi Supply Switch is the solution to all of your Raspberry Pi power management problems. The unit acts as an “intelligent”, ATX style power supply switch for the revolutionary Raspberry Pi computer. It allows you to leave all of the power wires from the “wall wart” to the Pi permanently connected, but allows you to switch the power to the Pi on or off with just the quick push of a button! Simple!The Pi Supply Switch is an essential piece of kit for all Raspberry Pi users!

The kit comes complete with one of the Pi Supply printed circuit boards, as well as all of the parts you need to put it together into a working unit, including a flat noodle USB cable to connect to your wall-wart power supply. Also includes a free Pi Supply sticker.The circuit is packaged into a small profile so that it fits neatly into your workstation.

How Does it Work?

Once you've finished using your Raspberry Pi, simply shutdown using the sudo halt command. Then, a couple of minutes after the full and safe shutdown, the Pi Supply Switch cuts the power to the computer. From this point, once again, all you would need to do to restore power to the Pi is touch the on button. There is also a hard power off button for use in emergencies which immediately cuts the power to your Raspberry Pi. Remember to only use this button when absolutely necessary (e.g. Pi has been frozen for a long time) as it risks corruption of the files on your SD card if done at the wrong moment. What makes the Pi Supply Switch superior to other makeshift solutions available is that it allows you to restart the Raspberry Pi using the sudo reboot command without the power turning itself off. Perfect!

Please Note. This product requires some simple soldering assembly.

!!WARNING Raspberry Pi 3 Users!! Please note you may exeperience under-voltage issues and unexepected power offs. Please check the assembly guide for possible solutions -


  • Pi Supply Switch printed circuit board (PCB) v1.1
  • All through hole components for assembly
  • Flat USB noodle cable
  • Two free Pi Supply stickers
  • Comes as a kit – easy assembly with some basic soldering


Assembly guide

Code examples

Product Video