Low-Profile ICE Tower CPU Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5

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52PiICE Tower CPU Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5
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We're big fans of the original ICE Tower for Raspberry Pi 5, however if you're a little tight on space, this low-profile version is a mighty capable compact cooler!

The Low Profile ICE Tower from 52Pi is a horizontally designed heatsink cooling solution for your Raspberry Pi 5, complemented by an aluminium alloy base with 5mm copper heatpipes to extract heat from your CPU. The included seven-blade LED fan blows cool air through the heatink, whilst showing off its automatically changing multi-colour LED lights (not user-controllable).

A unique combination of a fan, copper pipe heatsink, and aluminium alloy base - it provides an efficient cooling solution and looks totally awesome at the same time!

Using the Ice Tower Cooler can help prevent overheating and potential performance throttling of the Raspberry Pi 5, especially during intensive tasks or in environments with limited airflow. It can extend the lifespan of your Raspberry Pi 5 and ensure stable operation even under demanding conditions.

Raspberry Pi 5 not included


  • Efficient Cooling: The horizontal design coupled with the aluminium alloy base and copper pipe heatsink/fan ensures superior CPU cooling performance
  • Aluminum Alloy Base: The heatsink comes with an aluminium alloy base that enhances heat conductivity
  • JST Pi 5 Fan Interface: Fan compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5's onboard fan header
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: The fan's speed is autonomously controlled by the Raspberry Pi system. It activates automatically when the CPU temperature exceeds 60 degrees, providing effective cooling. The fan remains off at lower temperatures, balancing power efficiency and silent operation.
  • Great looks! Gaming PC-style looks - it's awesome!
  • Automatic Color-Changing LED: Automatic colour-changing fan LED light, transitions between colours
  • Easy Installation: Easy to install - you just need a screwdriver


Package Contents

  • 1x Low-Profile ICE Tower for Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi not included

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