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Raspberry Pi Cables

There are three main cables you may need for your Raspberry Pi – HDMI, USB and Audio cables.

Audio cables are handy for when you want to plug your Raspberry Pi’s 3.5mm jack into speakers, headphones or other audio devices. Don’t forget that the Raspberry Pi’s jack connection also includes composite video, with handy composite cables available to break those out separately.

HDMI cables carry the video (and audio) from your Raspberry Pi to your traditional HDMI monitor or TV. Nothing fancy or expensive is required here, just a good quality cable is all you need to see your Raspbian desktop on your monitor. We sell super affordable HDMI cables alongside adapters to convert HDMI to/from other formats.

USB cables are useful for powering your Pi in a number of scenarios. When you have a generic USB power adapter, you’ll need a US to Micro USB cable to connect that power to your Raspberry Pi. You also may have an official Raspberry Pi Power Supply but need extra length in the wire – use our 4m Micro USB extension cables to give you much more reach and flexibility.

If you’re here looking for DuPont jumper wires or prototyping wire, you’ll find them in our prototyping section