USB C SMT / THM Jack Connector - Power Only - Pack of 10

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If you're a DIY enthusiast who'd like to update your power only project's connection to the latest USB standard, here is a 10-pack of USB C power only jack connectors! They're sturdy metal with 4 through-hole mounting tabs. It's really hard to rip these off a PCB. In an SMT line, you can just paste over the through-hole slots, and the pads will solder in place.

We like this connector for its low-cost simplicity - it doesn't have all of the pins, just power: there are two ground, two vbus power, and the CC1 / CC2 pins. No D+ or D- data pins at all! That makes it a lot easier to solder and a bit less expensive too, great for folks who only want to get 5V power from a USB port. To use: connect ground and power to whatever you want to power with 5V, then tie two 5.1K resistors from CC1 and CC2 to ground (one resistor per CCx pin).

Here's a tip on using drag soldering with these sorts of connectors:

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