USB-C Data/Power Splitter

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This adaptor allows the Raspberry Pi 4 to be used with an official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply (or 5V DC barrel jack) whilst allowing access to USB OTG data over a separate USB-C connection. The barrel jack accepts 5.5 mm plugs (2.1/2.5 pin) supplying 5V.

USB Type-C (DATA POWER) <> USB Type-C (USB2 DATA) and USB Type-C (POWER) OR Barrel jack (POWER).

We also have a Micro-USB version of this adaptor available.

Using with the Raspberry Pi 4

To use the adaptor with the Raspberry Pi 4 you need:

  • USB-C to USB-C cable[1] between Pi4 and the adaptor board (DATA/POWER)
  • USB-C to USB Type-C or Type-A between adaptor board and PC (USB2 DATA)
  • Power[2] via either Official Raspberry Pi USB Type-C Power Supply or Barrel jack (5v 2.4 Amp or higher PSU).

[1] Whilst USB-C cables are generally designed for higher current I still advise using short power cable to the Pi where possible to reduce voltage drop.

[2] PLEASE NOTE With the Pu/Pd resistors on this board it can only be used with 5V supply to power a 5V device.

Using a Cluster HAT node image (p1/p2/p3/p4) you can plug the USB DATA into a computer (Raspberry Pi, Win10 etc.) and access the system via either USB Gadget Ethernet or Serial Console. Can also be used with Pi-KVM.

A Note on Power Supplies

An adaptor of this kind does not fall within the USB specification. It's designed for use with the official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply and Raspberry Pi. Using this board with other power supplies/chargers and devices may cause issues/damage.


USB Type-C (DATA/POWER) USB Type-C (DATA) USB Type-C (POWER) Barrel Jack
5V 5V 5V (tip)
D- D-
D+ D+
CC1 10k to 5V
CC2 10k to 5V
CC1 5.1k to GND
CC2 5.1k to GND
CC1 5.1k to GND
CC1 5.1k to GND

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