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Following the popularity of the AgonLight2, a lot of users were asking "why not create a 6502-based machine?". Well, it happened and here it is - the Olimex Neo6502!

The Olimex Neo6502 is a complete 6502 retro computer that merges the classic W65C02 processor with modern innovation, featuring the RP2040 with 2MB Flash, benefits from dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processors, versatile I/O options and other advanced features.

The included I/O, such as HDMI for standard monitors, USB-C for power and USB-A for peripherals, allows convenient old-school development in a modern world. You can see a hands-on video of an early prototype board here.

The Neo name was chosen for two reasons. First, it implies the modern design, then we liked the analogy with the movie The Matrix as the W65C02 lives in a virtual world and thinks it has real memory, video and keyboard...but all of this is virtual and emulated by the RP2040!

We also stock the matching enclosure and the USB NeoHub from Olimex.

Note: Board only - no cables, power supply or accessories included.

Hardware Overview


  • Real W65C02 processor executing every instruction as it was executed in early retro computers,
    no emulation for the processor, all timing is exact
  • RP2040 with 2MB of SPI Flash, east to load new firmware via drag and drop virtual drive
  • HDMI output
  • USB host which can be used for programming and to connection to keyboard, mouse, USB Flash etc
  • Audio buzzer which you can enable/disable
  • Audio 3.5mm connector for external audio amplifier
  • USB-C connector for power supply
  • 6502 BUS connector with all signals
  • UEXT connector with I2C, UART and SPI for connecting to external boards
  • 4 position slide switch which allow buzzer enable and connection of RESB, NMIB and IRQB to
  • UEXT GPIO signals if used.
  • RP2040 programming bootloader button
  • Four mounting holes 3.3mm diameter
  • Dimension 80x55mm



Package Contents

  • 1x Olimex Neo6502 board

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