AgonLight2 - Z80 BBC Basic Retro Single Board Computer

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The AgonLight2 is a re-design of the original AgonLight board designed by Bernardo Kastrup - an 8-bit Retro Z80 computer running BBC Basic!

It's a complete Single Board Computer with VGA display output, USB (PS2) keyboard input and SD card slot (acting as an external disk), so you don't need an external computer like an Arduino does.

This updated version includes USB-C for power, USB-A for your keyboard, LiPo connector and charging, an improved regulator and more enhancements (see full list below). 

The firmware of AgonLight is written by Dean Belfield and reproduces the BBC Basic for Z80. The firmware is also Open Source Software and available on GitHub. The same firmware works on AgonLight2 without any modifications. User guide available here.

Metal enclosure also available...or 3D print your own case!

Updated Features

The Agonlight2 has been cost-optimised by Olimex along with a few updates and features from the original design:

  • The board schematic and PCB are re-captured and re-layout in KiCad instead of EasyEDA
  • USB-C (5V) power connector
  • The Linear voltage regulator is replaced with DCDC which delivers up to 2A current
  • Battery LiPo charger and step-up converter is added, allows operations even if the external power supply is interrupted
  • USB-A peripheral connector so a normal USB keyboard (which supports PS2) can be used
  • AS7C34096A-10TCTR SRAM is routed with 40-ohm impedance lines as per the datasheet
  • Fixed a signal naming in the ESP32-PICO-D4
  • The 32-pin connector is replaced with a plastic-boxed 34-pin connector, following the same layout and adding two additional signals Vbat and Vin which allow AgonLight to be powered by this connector
  • UEXT connector added
  • 4x 3.3mm mount holes with GND sleeves are added so the board can be mounted to the matching metal enclosure

A matching case is also available in the store.

Board Layout


  • eZ80 processor with 128KB flash 8KB SRAM
  • 512KB external SRAM
  • ESP32-D4-PICO co-processor for IO
  • VGA output
  • USB/PS2 keyboard
  • MicroSD card connector
  • Li-Po battery charger and step-up converter (ALWAYS check your LiPo polarity first, and switch the wires if needed!)
  • UEXT connector
  • GPIO 34-pin connector
  • 6 mount holes
  • Dimensions: (106 x 65)mm
  • Part number: AgonLight2
  • UID: BG000090





Package Contents

  • 1x AgonLight2 board
  • 4x Plastic feet

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