ModMyPi Raspberry Pi 3 Head Case - Shaun (Project Case) [Discontinued]

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ModMyPi's 'Head Cases' are designed to give your Raspberry Pi computer a unique look and personality! We've updated the head cases to be fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+/2/3/3B+!
ModMyPi's Head Cases are a great way to get started with the Raspberry Pi, and includes a self-assembly "Pi Monster Proto Lighting Board" which connects directly into the Raspberry Pi, and gives your Head Case glowing eyes! It's also a prototyping bed, which will allow you to complete all sorts of projects on your Pi!
All Pi Head Cases comes with two big 10mm white LEDs, and a red, green and blue colour filter, so you can customise your head case to suit your colour scheme of the day!
Assembly is easy, but does require some simple soldering!
Shaun had his hands full managing relationships between his girlfriend, his mother and his stepfather when a zombie apocalypse happened. Now, things are much simpler and Shaun only cares about raspberry pies and brains...


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