M5Stack CoreS3 ESP32S3

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The CoreS3 is the third generation of the M5Stack development kit series. Its core has the ESP32-S3, dual-core Xtensa LX7 processor, the main frequency is 240MHz, it comes with WiFi function, and the onboard 16M FLASH and 8M-PSRAM.

The CoreS3 can download the programme through the USB-C interface, support OTG and CDC functions, and facilitate external USB devices and flashing firmware. The front is equipped with a 2.0" capacitive touch IPS screen, and the panel is made of high-strength glass material.

A 30w pixel camera GC0308 is built into the bottom of the screen, with a proximity sensor LTR-553ALS-WA. The power supply part adopts an AXP2101 power management core chip and 4-way power flow control loop, and overall has a low power consumption design.

On board, there is a 6-axis attitude sensor BMI270 and magnetometer BMM150. It has a TF-card (microSD) card slot and a BM8563 RTC chip, providing accurate timing and sleep-timer wake-up function. In terms of sound output, it has a high-fidelity 16bits-I2S power amplifier chip AW88298, and the fuselage has a built-in 1w speaker.

In terms of sound input, there is an ES7210 audio decoding chip + dual microphone input. On the side of the fuselage, there is an independent power button and restart (RST) button, a self-built delay circuit, and a long-press reset button to enter the program download mode.

The CoreS3 set comes with a DinBase Base by default, which is convenient for Din rail, wall and screw fixing. It can be powered by an external DC 12V (support 9~24V) or an internal 500mAh lithium battery. DinBase reserves multiple proto locations for users to DIY. This finished product is suitable for scenarios such as Internet of Things development, various DIY project development, smart home control systems and industrial automation control systems.

If you want a lighter version with fewer features, but at its core (see what we did there) is still a very effective IoT main controller, then click here.

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  • Developed based on ESP32, support WiFi @16M Flash, 8M PSRAM
  • Built-in camera, proximity sensor, speaker, power indicator, RTC, I2S amplifier, dual microphone, condenser touch screen, power button, reset button,
  • Gyroscope
  • TF card slot
  • High-strength glass
  • Support OTG and CDC functions
  • AXP2101 power management, low power design
  • Supported programming platforms: Arduino, UIFlow


Resources Parameters
MCU ESP32-S3@Xtensa LX7, 16M FLASH AND 8M-PSRAM, WIFI, OTGCDC functions
Touch IPS LCD screen 2.0"@320x240 ILI9342C
Camera GC0308@30 megapixels
Proximity sensors LTR-553ALS-WA
Power management AXP2101
Six-axis attitude sensor BMI270
magnetometer BMM150
RTC BM8563
Speaker 16bits-I2S power amplifier chip AW88298@1W
Audio decoding ES7210, dual microphone inputs
Product Size 54 x 54 x 16mm
Package Size 101x64x34mm
Product Weight 73.3g
Package Weight 97.8g


Power Management

  • Power on: Click the left power button
  • Shut down: Long press the left power button for 6 seconds
  • Reset: Click the bottom RST button

M-BUS Schematic Diagram

Package Contents

  • 1x Core S3
  • 1x Din Base

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