M5Stack ENV III Unit with Temperature Humidity Air Pressure Sensor (SHT30+QMP6988)

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The ENV III unit is an environmental sensor that integrates the SHT30 and QMP6988 to detect temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data. The SHT30 is a high-precision and low-power digital temperature and humidity sensor, and supports I2C interface (SHT30:0x44 , QMP6988:0x70). The QMP6988 is an absolute air pressure sensor specially designed for mobile applications, with high accuracy and stability, it is suitable for environmental data collection and detection projects.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • I2C communication interface
  • HY2.0-4P interface, support platform UIFlow , Arduino
  • 2x LEGO compatible holes

Package Contents

  • 1x ENV-III Unit
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


    Resources Parameter
    Maximum temperature measurement range -40 ~ 120 ℃
    Highest measurement accuracy 0 ~ 60 ℃/±0.2℃
    Humidity measurement range/error 10 ~ 90 %RH / ±2%
    Maximum measured value of air pressure/resolution/error 300 ~ 1100hPa / 0.06Pa / ±3.9Pa
    Communication protocol I2C: SHT30(0x44), QMP6988(0x70)
    Working temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C )
    Net weight 5g
    Gross weight 17g
    Product Size 24.2*32.2*8.1mm
    Package Size 67*53*12mm
    Case Material Plastic ( PC )


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