M5Stack I2C Hub 1 to 6 Expansion Unit (PCA9548APW)

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The PaHUB2 is an I2C Expandable Hub which can expand a single I2C HY2.0-4P interface and connects up to 6 I2C channels. It allows you to mount slave devices with the same I2C address (by polling control the different channels to achieve in-device coexistence). It has an embedded PCA9548AP-I2C multi-channel switch IC.

Note: When it's connected, the PaHUB2 will be polling control the different channels to achieve in-device coexistence. Please pay attention to the order of channels when programming.


  • I2C HY2.0-4P PORTA expansion
  • 2x LEGO compatible holes
  • Support multiple nesting
  • 1-6 expansion

Please refer to the schematic and PCA9548AP data manual, the Unit can modify the I2C address of the device by adapting the level combination of A0~A2 pins. (The default address is 0x70)

3 Position of Welding patch are reserved on the PCB board of the Unit, A0-A2 respectively, as shown in the figure below.

M5Stack I2C Hub Example

After welding the 0 ohm resistor, the corresponding pin will change from low level to high level. The pin level combination and its corresponding I2C address are shown in the table below.

L L L 112 (decimal), 70 (hexadecimal)
L L H 113 (decimal), 71 (hexadecimal)
L H L 114 (decimal), 72 (hexadecimal)
L H H 115 (decimal), 73 (hexadecimal)
H L L 116 (decimal), 74 (hexadecimal)
H L H 117 (decimal), 75 (hexadecimal)
H H L 118 (decimal), 76 (hexadecimal)
H H H 119 (decimal), 77 (hexadecimal)

Package Contents

  • 1x Pahub2 Unit
  • 1x HY2.0-4P Cable


Specifications Parameters
Channel Control IC PCA9548AP
Communication protocol I2C: 0x70
Net weight 7g
Gross weight 19g
Product size 48 * 24 * 12mm
Packing size 67 * 53 * 12mm


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