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The HiFiBerry DSP add-on board extends some HiFiBerry Raspberry Pi boards with a Digital Signal Processor for audio processing. The DSP can be programmed via Analog’s Sigma Studio or be used with pre-defined DSP programs.

The DSP add-on board adds digital signal processing capabilities to the following HiFiBerry sound cards:

It is directly supported in HiFiBerryOS, with other distributions you will need to install the DSP toolkit to program the DSP.

Please note:

  • This board cannot be used standalone - one of the above HATs are required.
  • The board will only fit the V2 Steel case when used in conjunction with the DSP mounting kit.


  • 300 MHz Digital Signal Processor (6144 instructions per sample incl. FFT and FIR accelerators)
  • High-quality asynchronous sample rate converter that can upsample/downsample/mix audio sources
  • Users can upload programs developed with Analog’s SigmaStudio
  • Connects to the DSP header of selected HiFiBerry sound cards
  • No soldering comes as a pre-fabricated kit.
  • Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power supply


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