HAT Ribbon Cable for Raspberry Pi 400

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This handy HAT Ribbon Cable has been designed to allow you to use HATs and GPIO displays easily with your Raspberry Pi 400.

We've made this cable just the right length to allow a HAT to sit nicely above your Pi400, which is really handy for perfecting your code/project on a huge range of HATs including mini displays such as the 3.7" e-paper display pictured.

The cable has a female end with a notch to ensure correct fitment on your Pi400, and the opposite end has a male socket header for pushing the female underside of a HAT GPIO connector on to.

Important Stuff

  • This cable will only work with HATs which have a female underside on the GPIO connector. If you want to use a HAT with a pass-through header (such as the Sense HAT) you'll need to buy a GPIO riser (this push-fit version is best for pass-through headers, or just use a standard stacking header if you're using normal HATs).
  • You may need to manipulate the cable with a bend or a squeeze to get it to sit at your desired position - this is perfectly fine to do (we recommended it!)
  • Make sure you fit HATs the right way! See the product images for orientation examples.

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