DC Motor - 3V Inc. Gearbox Wheel and Tyre

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Now you've got your hands on a Raspberry Pi, it's time to start playing! What better place to start than making a rover? This DC motor, gearbox, wheel and tyre can be used with a motor driver such as the Edukit Motor Controller to create your very own robot!

Note: Includes 1x motor/wheel/tyre only

  • 1x DC motor and wheel, with integrated gearbox
  • Can be used to make roving Robots from the Raspberry Pi
  • 15rpm output shaft gearbox means powerful enough to tackle inclines and carpet at around 3 meters/min
  • 3V motor, 160mA so can be run from 2xAA batteries
  • Approx 65mm diameter wheel inc. tyre, 25mm wide tyre, width including motorapprox 50mm, length including motor and wheel approx 90mm

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