Breakout for 6-pin JST SH-Style Connector - Side Entry

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This is a breakout board for a 6-pin male JST SH-type connector that provides access to each pin on a row of 0.1″-pitch through holes, making it compatible with standard solderless breadboards. The through-holes work with standard 0.1″ (2.54 mm) male headers and 0.1″ female headers, which are available separately.

This version features a side-entry connector, and is individually packaged and fully tested.

This board can be used with the Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotor Encoders with top-entry connector or with side-entry connector, along with a female-female JST SH-style cable. When used this way, the breakout provides convenient access to the motor and encoder pins on a breadboard, and the pins are labelled on the board’s bottom silkscreen with this application in mind.

Alternatively, this board can serve as a general-purpose breakout for other applications; for example, a pair of connector breakouts with a female-female cable could be used as a removable general-purpose interconnect between different parts of a modular system.

These breakouts should also work well with Pimoroni JST-SH encoders and related boards such as the Motor 2040.

We also stock a top-entry version.

Use with Micro Metal Gearmotor Encoders

When used with our encoders and JST SH-style cables, the wire colour scheme is as follows:

Colour Function
Red motor power (connects to one motor terminal)
Black motor power (connects to the other motor terminal)
Blue encoder Vcc
Yellow encoder A output
White encoder B output
Green encoder GND


Size 0.6″ × 0.35″ × 0.16″
Weight 0.5 g
Connector side-entry, 6-pin male, JST SH-type


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