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The MotoZero is a cool looking and easy to use Raspberry Pi motor controller add-on board that lets you control up to 4 motors independently.

With simple GPIO control and its very own GPIO Zero library entry, it's one of the easiest ways to control lots of motors on your Raspberry Pi - whilst looking good at the same time!

MotoZero features:

Kit includes:

  • MotoZero PCB
  • 40-pin GPIO header
  • 2x Motor driver chips
  • 2x Motor driver sockets
  • 5x Terminal blocks
  • 1x capacitor

Further Details:

  • Control 4 motors independently in both forwards and reverse
  • Control with basic GPIO 'on/off' code, or use the excellent GPIO Zero library
  • Terminals break out the motor outputs to the edge of the board, ideal for wheeled and tracked robots
  • Robust chunky terminal blocks for solid connections
  • Raw motoring looks with piston print and retro motor font. The board layout is symmetrical where possible to further enhance its appearance.
  • Pi Zero sized, although will fit all 40pin Raspberry Pi models
  • Simply power your Pi the usual way (via the micro-USB connection using a plug, power bank or similar) and then add battery power for the motors.
  • Built-in flyback diodes within the controller chips, which prevent damage from motor 'flyback' voltage spikes.
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) PCB for excellent soldered contacts, oxidisation prevention and looks
  • Kit form - enjoy building your own motor controller!
  • Full user guide with assembly, code examples and motor selection advice. (available HERE!)


  • The MotoZero comes in kit form and requires soldering assembly.
  • Please ensure you read the provided manual before assembly and usage.
  • Special attention should be given to the motor power wire polarity

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