Raspberry Pi Roundup - a bare bones portable game station, a way to get RetroPie on pi-topOS and a to-do list e-paper display

Bare Bones Portable

The owner of FacelessTech wanted a small retro gaming console so he turned to the Raspberry Pi Zero. He designed a custom circuit board to house the control buttons, taking inspiration from Wonky Resistor’s ScoreZero. He even managed to add some shoulder buttons to give himself more options in the consoles he could emulate. The Zero is mounted to the bottom of the 3.2″ screen and custom PCB and has RetroPie installed on it’s SD card. You can read more about the build here and see a video of it below:

pi-topOS / RetroPie

Rene Richarz has written a great guide on installing RetroPie on top of pi-topOS on your pi-top or pi-topCEED. He goes through removing part of the pi-topOS and then installing RetroPie, giving all the necessary command line instructions to set-up for the RetroPie instructions, which are on a different site. He even tells you where to go to set-up a pi-topPULSE HAT as a battery indicator.

You can read the guide here.

If you’re looking to buy a pi-top or CEED, you can find them on the pi-top website or from The Pi Hut.

To Do display

Instructables user hamedtaha has written a tutorial and accompanying code to display a to-do list (from ToDoIst), calendar and weather display (from Weather Underground) on a 7.5″ e-paper display from Waveshare. Read more here and/or watch the video below.