RPi Roundup – 10th October 2014

The Big News

Our very own Jamie Mann got interviewed by Russell at RasPi.Today. You can listen to the podcast here.

Tiny Tiny Screen

Richard (Average Man) has written a really nice tutorial about using a small 8×2 LCD display with the Pi, using his ProtoCam prototyping board. This is a really great use of the ProtoCam (which is now fully funded on Kickstarter) which makes using one of these small displays feasible (the pins are too close together to use on a standard breadboard). Read the tutorial here.


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Streaming video using your Raspberry Pi Camera Module (which is on sale at the moment - only £16!) has always been a bit of a challenge. However, with Silvan Melchoir’s RaspiMJPEG, it's relatively straightforward to achieve it - he's even created a web interface to control the camera. All the instructions are available on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s forum.

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