WeatherHAT (Assembled) for Raspberry Pi Zero

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This WeatherHAT is a fully assembled, shrunk-down version, of our original Raspberry Pi WeatherHAT specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero family of single-board computers. The board ships fully assembled with no soldering required and allows you to make a small form factor weather station while retaining all of the remote management abilities of the Raspberry Pi.

Onboard we use the same 4-channel AS1015 Analog to Digital Converter and RJ11 connection points for the SparkFun Weather Meters. Simply plug in the SparkFun Weather Meters and you will have Wind Speed, Direction, and Rainfall. Adding additional sensors is a breeze – a Qwiic connector is available to connect a BME series Temperature / Pressure / Humidity sensor (or any other Qwiic compatible sensors or modules you wish to add!) A two-pin JST connector is available for an optional 5V fan for additional airflow while a 3 Pin Screw Terminal is available for a DS18B20 temperature sensor. The DS18B20 connection has the required pull-up resistor already installed.

In this version, we have also added a few optional connection points for additional sensors and other devices. A two-pin connection for a 10K thermistor is available if you prefer to use it for an additional temperature reading. A second two-pin connection is available for a CDS Photocell / Photoresistor. These are ideal if you want to monitor ambient light levels. A three-pin header is available to connect a servo motor – ideal if you want to use a camera and move it. Finally, there is also a 5V input – ideal if you don’t want to use the micro USB connection to power your weather station.

The board is compatible with our Raspberry Pi Weather Station Tutorial and works with all versions of the Pi Zero.

Please note: Raspberry Pi Zero Sold Separately. Soldering may be required if you are using a Pi Zero version with no pre-installed 40-pin GPIO header.


  • Plug and play RJ11 connections for SparkFun Weather Meters
  • Qwiic connector for easy expansion of sensors
  • Onboard 12-Bit ADS1015 ADC
  • Optional connection point for DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
  • Optional connection point for 5V Fan
  • Optional connection point for servo motor
  • Optional connection point for CDS Photocell
  • Optional connection point for 10K Thermistor


Package Contents

  • 1x WeatherHAT for Pi Zero

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