Uctronics Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Clusters V3.0

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The Uctronics Raspberry Pi Cluster Complete Enclosure V3.0 is upgraded from the previous version of the enclosure (U6243).

It's designed to provide a desktop hardware solution for an array of Raspberry Pi Model B boards. The compact case reserves enough space for 4x RPis, 4x 2.5” SSDs, and an Ethernet switch, as well as the 2x included cooling fans. You can also fit the official Raspberry Pi PoE+ HAT on your boards!

Each Raspberry Pi mounting bracket is independent and can be removed just by unscrewing the two captive loose-off screws. The larger opening at the back panel allows you to use more models of switches than the previous model too!

Uctronics have added a fan adapter board in this version. You can power the fan at the same time. The 8cm fan provides a stable temperature environment for your Raspberry Pi.

USB SATA adapters will be required to use your SSDs with the Raspberry Pis.

Full assembly required! Raspberry Pis, SSDs and adapters not included!


  • You can now power your fans while using a PoE HAT
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi official PoE+ HAT and Uctronics Mini PoE HAT (U6241)
  • Replaced the thumbscrews with captive loose-off screws on the mounting brackets, which greatly improves the stability of the brackets
  • Front and back panel openings are expanded to support more models of switches


  • Wide compatibility - Designed to house 4x Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+/3B, or other B models, 4x 2.5” SSDs and an Ethernet switch. You can use it as a complete desktop NAS. It also has holes reserved for the optional SD card extension adapter (U6192) which allows you to access the SD card from the front of the case.
  • Front Removable - Each baseplate is independent so as to easily slide in and out, just fixed with captive loose-off screws, allowing you very convenient and quick access to each node within the cluster for maintenance.
  • Applications - This is the perfect solution for building Pi Array, Pi NAS, Pi LAN lab or other projects that need to organize your Raspberry Pis in a manageable way.

Package Contents

  • 6x Mounting panel
  • 4x Foot pads
  • 2x 8cm Cooling fans
  • 8x M5*10 screws for fans
  • 1x Fan adapter (more available here if required)
  • 4x Raspberry Pi mounting bracket with captive loose-off screws
  • 4x Framework parts
  • 16x M2.5*5 screws for Raspberry Pis
  • 16x M3*5 screws for SSDs
  • 32x M3*5 screws for framework

Raspberry Pis, SSDs and adapters not included!


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