Upgraded Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Clusters [Discontinued]

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The Upgraded Uctronics Complete Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Clusters is designed to provide a desktop enclosure solution for Raspberry Pi Cluster projects. It has been vastly improved based on customer feedback on the original version.

Improved Features!

  • Now compatible with both the Raspberry Pi 4 and Pi 3
  • Now accepts 4x Raspberry boards AND 4x 2.5" SSDs
  • Easier installation
  • More space for larger network switches (180x39x136mm slot)
  • Front-removable Pi mounting brackets via simple thumb screws

Made from powder-coated metal, the enclosure can hold up to four Raspberry Pi boards and four 2.5" SSDs whilst also providing cooling via the included 2x 80mm fans.

Each Raspberry Pi and SSD can be easily removed individually via thumb screws, making it easy to swap-out boards and change storage options. The case includes plenty of space above each Raspberry Pi for mounting most PoE HATs and other add-on boards

Below the Raspberry Pi 'racks' is a 180x39mm slot for an Ethernet switch (approx 136mm deep), compatible with most 5 and 8-port switches (our 8-port gigabit switch is ideal).

A complete enclosure solution for building a home media server, Pi NAS or media centre, learning distributed computing & deployment and making private servers for numerous games.

If you're fitting an SSDs, you may want to pick up some of our SSD to USB 3.0 cables.

Raspberry Pi boards, SSDs and Ethernet switch not included!


  • Designed to house 4x Raspberry Pi 4 boards, 4x 2.5" SSDs and an ethernet switch in a cluster configuration
  • Easy individual Pi and SSD removal via simple thumbscrews
  • Design reserves enough space for a PoE+ HAT or other HATs
  • Each panel is made from sturdy 1.2mm metal, with a matte black powder coated finish
  • Dual 80mm 5V cooling fans provide enough airflow to keep your Raspberry Pi boards cool, with a convenient GPIO connector
  • Easy to assemble, takes just a few minutes following the included guide
  • An opening of 180mm x 39mm to fit an ethernet switch on the bottom, compatible with most 5 port and 8 port switches, and also leaves lots of room for cable management
  • An optional micro-SD card adapter will help you access the SD card without removing anything



  • Material: Full metal, aluminium alloy
  • Overall Size: 206x136x162mm
  • Compatibility: Supports 4 x Raspberry Pi, 4 x 2.5" SSD and 1 x 5 port or 8 port ethernet switch (check switch opening size)

Cooling Fan

  • Dimension: 80mmx80mm
  • Operating Voltage: DC 5V
  • Operating Current: 0.3A
  • Power Consumption: 1.5W
  • Speed: 2875±5%RPM
  • Weight: 44.2g

Package Contents

  • 8x M4 thumbscrews
  • 16x M2.5x5 screws for Raspberry Pi
  • 16x M3x5 screws for SSD
  • 32x M3x5 screws for frameworks
  • 4x Footpads
  • 2x 8cm Cooling fans
  • 8x M5x8 screws for fans
  • 4x Raspberry Pi mounting brackets
  • Frame Panels
  • User guide

Raspberry Pi boards, SSDs and switch not included


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