Stackable Building Automation Card for Raspberry Pi

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This Stackable Building Automation Card for the Raspberry Pi provides a full set of IO required for comprehensive Building Automation Systems. Stackable to 8 levels, the card works with all Raspberry Pi boards with 40 pins.

The board boasts a huge range of useful features (see below) for your building automation project. Full user guide available here.

Two of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins are used for I2C communication. Another pin is allocated for the interrupt handler, leaving 23 GPIO pins available for the user. Eight universal inputs, individually selectable, let you read 0-10V signals, count contact closures, or measure temperatures using 1K or 10K thermistors.

Four 0-10V programmable outputs can control light dimmers or other industrial devices.

Four 24VAC triac outputs can control AC relays or heating and cooling equipment. LED indicators show the status of all outputs. An RS485/MODBUS port permits almost
unlimited expandability.

Last but not least, a new 1-WIRE port can be used to read the temperature
from DS18B20 sensors.

TVS diodes on all inputs protect the card for external ESD. The onboard resettable fuse protects it from accidental shorts. A single 24V AC or DC power source can supply 5V/3A for Raspberry Pi.

Please note: the board layout may change slightly between batches, mostly due to component shortages and alternatives. If your application requires a consistent layout on the board, please get in touch with our support team who can provide a picture of the latest stock.

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  • Eight jumper settable universal, analog/digital inputs
    • 0-10V Inputs or
    • Contact Closure Counter Inputs or
    • 1K/10K Temperature Sensor Inputs
  • Four 0-10V Outputs
  • Four TRIAC Outputs with 1A/48VAC drivers
  • Four General Purpose LED's
  • RS485/MODBUS port
  • Real-time clock with battery backup
  • On-board push-button
  • 1-WIRE interface
  • TVS protection on all inputs
  • On-board Hardware Watchdog
  • 24VAC/DC power supply

All inputs and output use pluggable connectors which permit easy wiring access when multiple cards are stacked. Up to eight Building Automation Cards can be stacked on top of one Raspberry Pi. The cards share a serial I2C bus using only two of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins to manage all eight cards.

The four general-purpose LED's can be associated with the analog inputs or other controlled processes. An on-board push button can be programmed to cut inputs, override outputs or shut down the Raspberry Pi.

Kit contents

  • Raspberry Pi Stackable Card for Building Automation
  • Mounting hardware
    • Four M2.5x18mm male-female standoffs
    • Four M2.5x5mm screws
    • Four M2.5 nuts
  • Two jumpers
  • 4x 8-pin female mating connector plugs for IO's
  • 1x 5-pin female mating connector plug for RS485 IN/OUT
  • 1x 2-pin female mating connector plug for power

Raspberry Pi not included


Board Layout

Building Automation Card Layout

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