SparkFun USB-C Breakout - Vertical

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With this USB-C breakout, you will be able to incorporate a vertical USB-C connector into your projects without needing to solder each tiny SMD pad. The vertical orientation of the USB-C connector also makes it convenient for panel mounts in projects.

The SparkFun USB-C Breakout supplies up to three times the power as our previous USB breakouts (i.e., Type-A, micro-B, and mini-B). Also, it solves the universally frustrating dilemma of plugging a USB cable in correctly because it's reversible! The board breaks out the USB-C connector's VBUS, GND, CC1, CC2, D+, D-, and SHLD pins into a 0.1" pitch header while providing up to a nominal 1.5A of power and up to 3A depending on the upstream device.

Note: This part cannot be utilised as a direct replacement for the USB-C Breakout; it features an additional pin, so the pin layout will not match up.


  • Dimensions: 20.32mm x 11.43mm x 11.70mm (0.80in x 0.45in x 0.46in)
  • Weight: 1.6g


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