Seeed Round Display for XIAO - 1.28" Round Touchscreen

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This display is an extension board with a capacitive touch screen and is compatible with all XIAO development boards. It features a fully covered touch screen on one side, designed as a radiant disc with a radius of 39 mm.

With a 1.28-inch circular touch screen that has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and 65K colours, this board presents clear and colourful images. It can be applied to design a programmable watch, wearable indicator, etc.

The integration and rich peripherals on the other side of the XIAO extension board are impressive, with an onboard RTC, TF card slot, battery charging chip, and JST 1.25 battery interface, all within a compact 39 x 39mm size. All of this is so you can have reliable timekeeping, a way to extend memory up to 32GB FAT, and a charging method with the lithium battery.

The pins for Seeed Studio XIAO are all led out and no soldering is needed, which offers convenience. With its small size, the XIAO extension board is ideal for wearable and small-volume projects. It is a versatile and powerful extension board that can be used for a wide range of projects, from displaying sensor data to creating interactive interfaces.


  • Capacitive Touch Screen Expansion Board: Display with 1.28" round, 240×240 resolution, 65K colours, providing clear and colourful images exhibition
  • High Compatibility: Highly compatible with all XIAO series products, easily integrated into your current projects
  • Rich Peripheral: Feature onboard RTC, battery charge chip, TF card slot, and JST 1.25 connector, all within its compact size
  • Watch-sized Design: Comes with a 39 mm circular design, suitable for wearable and space-limited projects
  • Plug and Play: All pins are led out, no soldering is needed
  • Product number: Seeed 104030087

What's on Board


Power Supply USB Type-C: 5V @35 mA

Battery Charge: 3.7V @37mA
Battery Connector 3.7V Li-ion Battery JST 1.25 connector
Charge current ~ 485 mA
RTC Battery Holder CR927
RTC Chip PCF8563
Expandable memory TF Card Slot for up to 32GB FAT
Screen 1.28-inch touch screen
240×240 resolution
65K colours
Sample Rate 100Hz
Dimension 43mm x 43mm


Package Contents

  • 1x Seeed Studio Round Display for XIAO

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