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This Game Boy inspired case for the Raspberry Pi Zero is a Pi-fuelled time machine back to the days of VCRs, no internet and sugary drinks.

The level of effort and attention to detail that has gone into this case is some of the best we've seen. Not only have RetroFlag produced an accurate tribute to the original Game Boy, but they've also gone all out and added a ton of features to make this the ultimate Raspberry Pi Zero portable retro gaming machine!

What's in the box?

  • GPi Case
  • GPi Cartridge
  • USB power cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Fixings/connectors
  • Manual

All you need to add is



The GPi case contains a bright and clear 2.8" IPS screen which provides excellent viewing angles. The brightness of the screen can be controlled via a wheel on the side of the case.

Power & Control

Just 3xAA batteries are required to power the entire package (the Raspberry Pi Zero and GPi screen/board). The batteries are housed in the same rear compartment location as the original Game Boy.

Another option is to use the included USB power cable and power the GPi directly (note: this does not charge the batteries).

A power switch is fitted in the original Game Boy position at the top of the case, which is configured to safe shut-down the Raspberry Pi (software setup required).

When your batteries run low, the case's power LED will start to flash, and eventually will perform a safe shut-down on your behalf just before it runs out of power.

Ports & Access

Once you put the case together, you won't need to disassemble it to gain access to the Raspberry Pi's SD card - there's a slot on the side for that. There's also a dedicated USB upgrade port within the battery compartment.


A speaker is included in the case and can be controlled by the volume wheel on the side, however on the underside of the case you'll also find a 3.5mm jack to use with your headphones if you need to keep things quiet.

Game Control

On the front of the case are all of the usual Game Boy style buttons you'd expect, however RetroFlag have also added two subtle L/R shoulder buttons on the rear of the case.


The GPi case (with a Raspberry Pi Zero as its brains) is powerful enough to play a whole host of different retro games console emulators.

RetroPie is a popular favourite amongst Raspberry Pi retro gamers, however, other packages are available (see below).


Operating Systems Made for the GPi Case

Display patch, input mapping and safe shutdown are automatically taken care of!

Note: Does not work with the Zero WH or any other Raspberry Pi Zero with a header fitted.

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