REKA:BIT Robotics Board for micro:bit

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The REKA:BIT is a compact robotics expansion board for your BBC micro:bit (not included), providing a huge range of useful features, ports and onboard protection to help you make awesome micro:bit robotics projects. It's the smaller sibling of the popular EDU:BIT.

The helpful features (see below) such as the GPIO and motor indicator LEDs as well as test buttons and easy-to-use Grove ports make this a great choice for your first robotics project or educational environments, where fiddling with components and wires can be frustrating and distract students from learning how to code.

Program your REKA:BIT with the Microsoft MakeCode Editor. Just add REKA:BIT MakeCode Extension and you’re good to go. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the block programming mode; simply drag, drop and snap the coding blocks together. For more advanced users, you can easily switch to JavaScript or Python mode for text-based programming.

The REKA:BIT comes with a USB power/data cable, 4xAA battery holder, grove header cables, screwdriver and building block lift arm + pin. All you need to add is a micro:bit board (not included).


Your micro:bit simply slots into the onboard connector, which then connects it to the many features on the board:

  • 2x Motor terminals (connected to an onboard motor driver chip
    • Drive two DC motors (1A continuous, 1.5A peak (< 5 seconds))
  • 4x Servo headers
  • Motor test buttons (no code required)
  • Motor status LED indicators
  • GPIO status indicators
  • 6x Grove ports for adding sensors and other devices
  • 2x Onboard addressable RGB LEDs
  • Barrel Jack DC power input (3.6V - 6V)
    • Undervoltage (LOW) indicator & protection
    • Over-voltage (HIGH) indicator & protection
    • On/off switch
  • Power indication LEDs
  • Dimensions: 10.4mm x 72mm x 15mm

The REKA:BIT features a co-processor to handle multi-tasking more efficiently. Playing music while controlling up to 4x servo motors and 2x DC motors, animating micro:bit LED matrix and even lighting up RGB LEDs in different colours, all at the same time, is not a problem for the REKA:BIT.


Parameters Min Max Unit
Power Input Voltage 3.6 6 V
Analog Input Voltage 0 3.3 V
Total +3V3 Output Current
(Grove Ports)
- 300 mA
Maximum DC Motor Current
- 1 A
Maximum DC Motor Current
Peak (< 5 seconds)
- 1.5 A

Package Contents

  • 1x REKA:BIT expansion board
  • 1x USB power and data cable
  • 1x 4xAA battery holder
  • 1x Mini screwdriver
  • 3x Grove to female header cable
  • 2x Building block 1x9 lift arm
  • 4x Building block friction pin

micro:bit board, motors or any other parts not listed here are not included


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