M5Stack Programmable Power Supply Module 13.2

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This programmable module is a versatile power supply module that has STEP-DOWN buck technology and supports a wide DC input voltage range of 9-36V. It integrates an STM32 control processor and an AD8418 high-resolution current amplifier. With high-precision closed-loop control, it provides a rated output power of 100W (peak 150W) and provides precise current and voltage outputs, capable of delivering 0.530V/05A with a read-back accuracy of ±30mV/5mA.

Additionally, it has isolation chips CA-IS3020S and B0505S-1WR3, providing electrical isolation for both the power supply and the communication bus. The output interface utilises standard 4MM banana plug sockets with a 19mm spacing between the positive and negative poles. A compatible DC power adapter must be purchased separately. This module is ideal for industrial automation, embedded system development, and DIY projects requiring an adjustable power supply.

Note: The maximum output depends on the output capacity of the input DC power supply.


  • DC 9-36V wide voltage input, output 0.5~30V/0~5A
  • High precision rated output power 100W (peak 150W)
  • Electrical isolation safety performance
  • Standard 4mm banana socket, positive and negative electrode spacing 19mm
  • Works with Core/Core2/CoreS3 series hosts


Resources Parameters
Memory Firmware Chip STM32G030F6P6
Power and Communication Bus Isolation Chip CA-IS3020S and B0505S-1WR3
Current Amplifier Chip AD8418
Input Voltage DC 9-36V
Output Power 100W (Peak 150W)
Output Current Voltage 0.5~30V/0~5A
Accuracy Plus or minus 30mV/5mA
Standby Current Avg: DC36V/12mA
Working Current Avg: DC36V/32mA
Banana Head Size (spacing) 4mm (pitch 19mm)
I2C Communication Address 0x35
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Product Size 68.5 x 54 x 19.7mm
Package Size 130 x 5 x 24mm
Product Weight 43.6g
Package Weight 64.5g


Package Contents

  • 1x Programmable Power Supply Module 13.2

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