Power Management HAT for Raspberry Pi

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This RP2040-based power management HAT offers lots of features to give you full and flexible power control for your Raspberry Pi project.

The HAT allows you to power your project via the USB-C port or PH2.0 LiPo battery header with fast switching between them when in use. Whilst powered up, the HAT also offers voltage and current monitoring, and will charge your connected LiPo battery too!

It has its own RP2040 dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor along with Pico-layout pads to connect Pico HATs and add-on (you'll need to solder some headers on first, not included) - a unique feature we haven't seen on a Raspberry Pi HAT previously!

To support power management and timings, a real-time clock is onboard for accurate tracking of the current time while also providing alarms, timers and interrupts (battery back, CR1220 required) which can also be used to reduce power consumption.

You'll also find POWER/BOOT/RESET buttons, a 2-pin fan header, power and status indicator LEDs.

Note: the Raspberry Pi and the battery are not included.


  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO header
  • Power via USB-C or LiPo PH2.0
  • Battery charging circuit, powered via USB-C
  • Onboard RP2040 with pico-layout pads for headers
    • Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz
  • Onboard real-time clock - PCF8523 RTC chip
    • CR1220 battery-backed (not included)
  • MP28167-A buck-boost DC chip for fast load transient response
  • User-defined button
    • Can be used for Raspberry Pi start-up, safe shutdown, or other custom function
  • Protection circuits such as power supply anti-reverse, counter-current
  • Voltage/current monitoring circuit
    • Monitors the operating voltage and current in real-time
  • 2-pin fan header
  • Power supply and status indicator LEDs
  • PWR/BOOT/REST buttons
  • Online resources and manual

What's on Board

1. USB type-C
For downloading programs, USB communication and power supply
2. MP28167-A
Buck-boost DC chip for fast load transient response
3. CR1220 button cell holder
Provides uninterruptible power supply for RTC clock chip
4. PCF85063
RTC chip, provides precise RTC information
4MB NOR-Flash
6. RP2040
Dual-core processor, up to 133MHz operating frequency
7. INA219
Zero-drift, bi-directional current/power monitor
8. PWR button
User button, usually used as the power button
9. Reset button
RP2040 reset button
10. BOOT button
Press the Reset button at the same time, release the Reset button then the BOOT button to enter download mode
11. PH2.0 battery interface
For 3.7~4.2V regulated power supply or lithium battery
12. Fan header
13. Status indicator
14. Power supply indicator
15. ETA6096
 High-efficiency lithium battery recharge chip
16. Raspberry Pi GPIO header
17. RP2040 pinout interface
Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico standard pinout, for connecting with Pico HAT


Main Controller

Communication Interface UART + GPIO
Communication Baud Rate 115200bps by default (configurable)
Power Supply Interface USB port or PH2.0 connector
USB Power Input Voltage  5V
PH2.0 Power Input Voltage 3.3 ~ 4.2V (3.7V lithium battery)
Embedded Circuits Battery anti-reverse, counter-current proof, voltage/current monitoring
Dimensions 56.5 x 65.0mm
Mounting Hole Diameter  3.0mm



RP2040 Pinout

Pin Definition

Package Contents

  • 1x Power Management HAT (B)
  • 1x 2x20PIN female header
  • 1x USB cable type A male port to Type C male port 
  • 1x Screws pack 

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