PCB Coaster with Gold Adafruit Logo

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You've been burning the midnight oil cobbling your latest maker project. Wait, what time is it? Whether you're a night owl (like Minerva!) or an early bird getting the worm, don't forget to stay hydrated as a beverage goblin should! And what better way to keep your workspace free of condensation stains than with this durable and elegant PCB Coaster featuring the Adafruit Logo!

This coaster features the logo of your favourite DIY electronics company on sturdy 100x100mm 2mm thick FR4 clad in the gothiest black silkscreen - the design is gold ENIG for a lovely non-oxidizing look. Also packaged are four bumpers for a lil' extra stability, stick them on the bottom for a good grip.


  • Product Dimensions: 101.8mm x 101.8mm x 1.9mm
  • Product Weight: 41.3g

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