M5Stack Extension Port Module for Core2

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The ExtPort for Core2 from M5Stack is an expansion module for the M5Stack Core2 converting to the Grove interface. It provides PortB/C/D/E 4 Grove interfaces, and PortD/E can be configured with different GPIOs via internal dip switches.

Check out the designer's signature on the top of the PCB - neat!


  • Before use, please switch one of the 3-pin dip switch to be ON. Remember that, only one of the dip switches can be set to ON, or it may damage the module
  • If you need to use the Core2 bottom board, you will need to cut off the four support feet of the PROTO module (as shown below), to avoid interference with the bottom board, and use M3 screws to fix
  • ExtPort For Core2 has the signature of designer


  • 4x Grove interface (PortB/C/D/E)
  • 4x 3-pin dip switches (PortD/E)
  • 1x 5-pin 2.54mm pin head

Package Contents

  • 1x ExtPort For Core2


Spec Parameters
Expansion ports PortB, PortC, PortD, PortE
Net Weight 24g
Gross Weight 58g
Product Dimensions 54x54x13mm
Package Size 62x58x17mm



PortB 36 26 5V GND
PortC 13 14 5V GND
PortD 34 35 5V GND
PortE 27 19 5V GND
  • Pin assignment of PortD/E can be configured as one of the following assignments by each 3-Pin dip switch:
    • PortD-1 (WHITE) : 34(default) / 22(internal I2C-SCL) / 3 (RXD0)
    • PortD-2 (YELLOW) : 35(default) / 21(internal I2C-SDA) / 1 (TXD0)
    • PortE-1 (WHITE) : 27(default) / 2 (NS4168-DATA) / 0 (NS4168-LRCK)
    • PortE-2 (YELLOW) : 19(default) / 25 / 2 (NS4168-DATA)

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