Grove - RGB LED Stick (10x WS2813 Mini)

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Seeed integrated 10 full-colour RGB LEDs on this Grove-compatible stick, and with only one signal pin you can control all 10 LEDs easily!

All the LEDs are WS2813 Minis, which is an intelligent control and high cost-effective LED. What's more, the WS2813 supports signal break-point continuous transmission, which means you can continue to use other LEDs even if others in the chain are broken.

You can use this little stick to create hundreds and thousands of light effects.


  • WS2813B IC, 3535 LED
  • Intelligent Reverse-connection protection
  • The grey levels of each pixel are of 256, which achieves “256x256x256=16777216” full-colour display
  • The refresh frequency reaches 2KHz
  • Serial cascade interface, data receiving and decoding depend on just one signal line
  • Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission
  • As long as not two or more adjacent LEDs are broken, the remaining LEDs will be able to work normally
  • Product number: Seeed 104020131


Package Contents

  • 1x Grove - RGB LED Stick (10 - WS2813 Mini)
  • 1x Grove Cable


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