Glass 2 Unit with 1.51" Transparent OLED

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The Glass 2 Unit is a transparent OLED display featuring a 1.51" screen and an SSD1309 driver. It is equipped with an I2C communication interface, set to a default address of 0x3C, but also includes a built-in solder pad for address modification to 0x3D. It is useful for displaying information, indicating status, or serving as a user interface, seamlessly integrating into various home or control devices to allow user interaction.

The unit has a glass area measuring 42 x 27.16mm, with a display area of 35.5 x 18mm, and offers a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. It has a 256-level brightness control, providing rich detail and sharp imagery, and is adaptable to various lighting conditions for clear, readable displays.

The Glass 2 is compatible with the M5Stack development platform and its extensive product ecosystem, offering users a canvas for creativity and the development of diverse applications and functions. This ranges from crafting small games and personalised display interfaces to integrating with other M5Stack devices.

Revision History

  • In comparison to its predecessor, the Glass Unit, the Glass 2 Unit omits an STM32 MCU. This exclusion means that by altering the I2C address via the onboard solder pad, it can control two Glass 2 Units at once. For projects requiring simultaneous control of multiple Glass Units, the PaHUB2 Unit is required. The absence of the STM32 MCU in the Glass 2 Unit enhances refresh efficiency, leading to quicker updates and responses to input, as well as smoother imagery and animation displays.


  • 128x56 transparent pixels (128x64 total pixels)
  • Display area 35.5 x 18mm
  • Glass area 42mm x 27.16mm
  • 1-bit colour depth
  • I2C Addresses: 0x3D
  • Support for programming platforms: Arduino, UIFlow


Screen 1.51" transparent OLED
Resolution 128 x 64
Display color Blue
Display area 35.05 x 18 (mm)
Panel size 42.04 x 27.16 x 1.25 (mm)
Perspective direction Full view
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Logic voltage 3.3V
I2C address Default:0x3C (You can switch the communication address to 0x3D with a bonding pad)
Product Size 53 x 42 x 6mm
Package Size 136 x 92 x 13mm
Product Weight 9.1g
Package Weight 13.9g


Package Contents

  • 1x Glass 2 Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (20cm)

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